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It's time to re-energise your people

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At Strengths Unleashed we energise individual leaders, teams and organisations to release untapped potential, transform performance and deliver outstanding results.

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You can only get the most out of your people if you really understand them.

Surface hidden strengths, motivations and capabilities to reveal the sources of individual, team and organisational energy.


You need the right catalyst to trigger the change you are seeking.

Our coaches, mentors and facilitators are skilled in helping you unleash potential, to achieve more with what you already have.



Every organisation needs to evolve and adapt to be fit to face the future.

Our advisory practice supports your business in developing effective strategies for talent, succession and organisational development.

Martin Cox. Commercial & Engineering Director, Servomex Group Ltd

“Having seen the way that Triangulation works, I would always insist on having Strengths Unleashed take both internal and external candidates through the Triangulation process; it massively de-risks the selection and delivers unbiased insights which are extremely beneficial in senior management placement”

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Strengths-based Approach Proves Pivotal

Market share and profitability were falling. As market leader the firm stood to lose the most from the threat of disruption...

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