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We have developed a fresh and powerful way of assessing leaders’ capability and potential.

Strengths Unleashed Triangulation uses three different lenses to bring the leader into clear focus. Using a tailored selection of assessment tools, we determine:


  • What drives them

  • What they are thinking

  • Where they fit

Then, once we understand the leader’s core strengths, we ask one further question: how do they actually show up?

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Natural Talent & Motivation.

Energy and drive come from using our natural talents in pursuit of our goals. Leaders who know what drives them remain energised no matter what the challenge.

So we map the leader’s natural talent set and find what motivates them to come to work.


Change Mindset.

The leader’s mindset is mission critical.

Everyone has embedded, unconscious patterns of thinking that show up in their behaviour. If aligned with the leader’s energetic strengths – and with the needs of the business – great things happen.

We surface the leader’s unconscious thinking and assess their ability to drive the right kind of organisational impact.


Role Preference.

We identify where the leader performs at their best and then help them to maximise their contribution within their preferred role.


Real-world performance.

The self-assessments can be combined with a 360 review to reveal how the leader shows up in the eyes of their peers.

Key business metrics are also reviewed, because the full value of assessment is only realised when it is used to drive real-world results.


Accurate, transparent, efficient, actionable.

By using a curated set of tools and datasets to measure different attributes, our Triangulation process is more accurate than any standalone instrument. When it’s delivered by coaches with substantial business experience it becomes even more potent.

Our commitment to transparency means that all reports are shared with the individual for their sign-off before being shared with any other stakeholders.

The entire process is designed to be completed online, followed by a 90 minute video debrief. This includes a concise report that provides an honest appraisal of potential while pinpointing existing strengths and areas for growth.


The agenda that emerges from the debrief helps to amplify the impact of any coaching that follows, and it also gives practical insights and suggestions that can be actioned immediately.


“The insights from the tools Strengths Unleashed use gave me the language to have a conversation with the top team that would otherwise have been difficult. Their engagement with the senior team has catalysed their ability to engage with one another in a more productive way.”

Bridget Rosewell, Chair, Atom Bank

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Integration with existing programmes.

No-one wants to re-do work they’ve already done. If a development programme is already in place or assessments are already on the books, we can adapt our services to dovetail with them, protecting the previous investment.


Our Assessment Partners

Strengths Unleashed has selected only best-in-class assessment tools from market-leading providers. These are deployed in a combination that is tailored to match the scale and scope of each assignment.

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