We believe that a person’s strengths hold the key to unleashing their full leadership potential.


The evidence shows that the best leaders are those who truly excel in a few key areas, rather than those who are above average at everything.

Our strengths-based approach transforms the leadership performance of individuals, driving measurable results across teams and organisations.


Assess. Unlock. Unleash.

We start with a process of calibration. We gather the data we need to assess individual leaders, their teams and the organisational context.

Armed with objective data, we apply our experience and expertise to generate insight into people’s talents, motivations and behaviours. This provides the key to unlock their untapped potential.

We unleash exceptional leadership capability by turning that insight into action. We identify and deploy the right catalyst to trigger the kind of change that transforms performance.


A blend of science and wisdom.

Our methods are steeped in data, with robust and verifiable measurement at the heart of our approach, but it’s not just a numbers game played by algorithms.

While science accelerates the process, it needs to be coupled with a strong understanding of both the business context and human nature.

Finding the right blend of data-driven analysis and wisdom is a creative process. But done right, it delivers a certain magic.


Designed for business, delivered by business people.

We only use tools and models that were designed for the business world and that have proved effective in driving business performance.

We only invite people to join our team and work with our clients if they themselves have real-world experience in business leadership.

Two simple truths.

Our approach rests on two fundamental assumptions: that results are what matters, and that leadership makes the difference.

The most effective leaders drive for results right now, while effecting the change that will drive results in the future.

They lead, motivate and inspire their people to high levels of effort and performance, while continually seeking to develop their own capabilities.

And their character – their honesty and integrity – acts as a multiplier on their other leadership attributes.
The best leader will have strengths in all five areas.

Our approach enables them to identify and cultivate those strengths, and release previously untapped potential.

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“The transformation across our business has been nothing short of remarkable.” 

Head of Assurance, Big 4 Accounting Firm