We believe that a person’s strengths hold the key to unleashing their full leadership potential.


Our approach has three key elements: understanding the people, turning insight into action and finding the right catalyst to unleash their strengths. The instruments and tools we use have been specifically designed for business and are rooted in research. Everything we do is delivered by experienced business leaders.


Understand Your People

Leadership development begins with an in-depth understanding of the talents, motivations and behaviours of your leaders, and how well these align with the strategy and needs of the organisation – in short, how effective they are.

Our Assessment identifies gaps and blind spots. But the primary focus is on strengths, as that is where the individual’s energy – and the greatest untapped potential – always lie.

Our proprietary Strengths Unleashed Triangulation™ approach, is steeped in data and the results are benchmarked against a global database of business leaders.

However, this is not just a numbers game.


Turn Insight Into Action 

Assessing a leader’s strengths and releasing their potential is not just about data. Science accelerates the process, but for deep and actionable insight you need robust data together with a strong understanding of both human nature and the business context.

Finding the right blend is a creative process. Science plus wisdom delivers a certain magic. We conjure breakthrough strategies and pathways to success for our clients, by combining data-driven analysis with the wisdom that comes from real-world experience.

This is why each of our Strengths Unleashed Partners is a seasoned business leader as well as a qualified coach or mentor.


Find the Right Catalyst

As experts in the Strengths Unleashed Triangulation assessment approach, our Partners use the insight generated to catalyse changes in behaviour and thinking, releasing latent potential.

Working with individuals, teams and organisations, we help to find the right mix of coaching, mentoring and facilitation to ensure your people understand who they are at their best, and show up in this way more of the time.

At every step we look to assess, unlock and unleash strengths, because evidence shows this is the most effective route to truly exceptional performance.


“The transformation across our business has been nothing short of remarkable.” 

Head of Assurance, Big 4 Accounting Firm