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Second Spring Leaders - Wellbeing Programme

Maintaining performance while contending with menopause 

Menopause has a habit of manifesting just as the demands of life and career are at their peak. For women in leadership positions, the responsibilities and expectations of performance are higher than ever. This does not just stay within the bounds of work - for those raising a family, it also overlaps with the demanding times of this too.

According to research from the Fawcett Society

  • 44% of women with menopausal symptoms said it had affected their ability to do their jobs

  • 61% of women said they had lost motivation

  • 52% of women said they had lost confidence at work 

As a result of these challenges, the CIPD estimates that nearly a quarter of women aged 40 to 60 have either left work or have considered leaving.


To tackle this challenge, we like to draw upon the traditional Chinese medicine’s term for menopause, the 'Second Spring'. The Second Spring Leaders programme is founded on the principle that menopause should be seen as a new and fruitful stage in life, and not as a loss of youthful function. 

To mark and embrace these new beginnings, join us for our Second Spring Leaders programme. Designed to take place over 6-months, for senior executives who are approaching, experiencing, or are post-menopause.

Our next programme kicks off in September 2024, with the retreat booked for 16-18th October 2024 in London to coincide with World Menopause day on 18th October. For more details on the programme dates, contact us.

Second Spring Leaders is broken down into three key parts:

A two-hour one-to-one induction call with one of our business coaches facilitating the programme. Time will be spent debriefing the strengths and values-based self-assessments and exercises completed in advance as well as a discussion to understand ‘what makes you tick’ and why.


A two-day retreat with a cohort of twelve peers (maximum), facilitated by our Strengths Unleashed Partners, experienced teachers, business coaches and advisors with specialist expertise in this area.


The Yoga & Coaching retreat will take place over two days, with 2 nights’ stay as well as all meals. Over the two days, the programme will cover:

  • Western and Eastern perspectives on menopause

  • Cognitive strategies to cope better with symptoms

  • Menopause yoga, breathwork and meditation to support bones, brain, heart, and spirit 

  • How to cover the conversation with your colleagues and employees

  • Sharing of knowledge and experience within the selected group

  • Problem-solving techniques including peer-to-peer support

To help retain the practical and emotional knowledge gained at the retreat, the programme continues for four months - with monthly online group follow-ups. 

Each two-hour session will include one hour of menopause yoga - including breathwork and meditation, and one hour of group discussion, knowledge sharing, and further exploration of topics selected by the group. 

Contact us below for more information and to book your place. 

Ready to celebrate your Second Spring?  

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