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You need the right catalyst to trigger the change you are seeking.


Our coaches and mentors are expert at finding inflexion points and initiating the shifts in mindset and behaviour that lead to exceptional performance.


They home in on the areas where targeted personal growth has significant organisational impact, identifying the few key things that create the shortest path to success.


A co-created approach.

Coaching and mentoring start with calibrating capability and understanding the leader’s role in achieving strategic goals. ​This is achieved by analysing the assessment data and conducting a deep-dive session to define the intended outcomes.

It is a collaborative process that is bespoke in every case, and blends science with the wisdom that comes from experience, human insight and business acumen.


“The Board were able to get valuable insights in evaluating the top leadership team ahead of considering CEO succession and our needs to support the ambitions of the business.” 

Annette Court, Chair, Admiral Group plc.

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Values-driven, constructively challenging.

We put the person’s strengths at the heart of every coaching assignment. Our experience (and a large body of evidence) tells us this is the key to unlocking potential.

Our coaches are also motivated by the belief that better leaders make a better world.


None of this makes us shy of confronting uncomfortable truths, but our directness is always tempered with empathy.


Focus on performance.

As former business leaders our coaches are focused on delivering results. They spark changes in mindset and behaviour that enable you to:

  • make better decisions

  • think more clearly

  • regulate your emotional state

  • overcome setbacks

  • handle conflict

  • embrace change

  • maintain a growth mindset

  • communicate effectively

  • build trust

  • cultivate a purpose-led culture

  • lead and inspire others


The leadership sweet-spot.

Our research shows that the sweet-spot lies at the intersection of the leader’s strengths, their energy, and the current organisational need.

Leaders that play to their strengths have more drive and commitment and they work harder. Understanding others’ strengths and energies makes teams more effective and fun to work in.

By focusing on strengths in coaching individuals and teams, we catalyse new levels of awareness, build leadership capability and support the delivery of exceptional business results.

And in shifting the dial for themselves, leaders also become more adept at developing the people around them.

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