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“Jacqui’s superpower is her total, clear-sighted honesty. We would not be the force we are today without her skill, leadership and talent. Jacqui’s capacity to make us think, challenge us to be better than we believe we can be, and be ambitious about what lies ahead, is powerful stuff.”

Thomas Laranjo, Managing Director, Total Media


Jacqui has 20 years’ experience in the advertising industry. Her mission as a professional coach is to help businesses and individuals make purposeful transitions to where they want to be.



Jacqui is an enabler who provides structure and discipline, while encouraging an attitude and way of thinking that gets you from here to there. She has first-hand experience of the pressures and challenges faced by businesses, and by the people who strive to make them successful. As a consequence, she brings insight and empathy to the coaching relationship. Not shy of asking hard questions or challenging preconceptions Jacqui brings impartiality, honesty and rigour, free of prior assumptions and without judgement.

Her emphasis is as much on the ‘here and now’ as it is on the future missions and goals, enabling leaders to stay match-fit for the current challenges while assisting them to plan and act on their longer-term aspirations.



Jacqui has 20 years’ experience in the advertising industry as a media specialist. She has worked in both full-service advertising agencies and media independents, most recently as Operations Director of Total Media, the UK’s largest media independent. Her international media experience includes brands in finance to IT and publishing to healthcare. Jacqui’s clients have included The Economist, Sony Broadcast, Olivetti and Bupa.


In 2017 Jacqui founded her professional coaching practice. She works with executives and business owners to help them develop their unique skills and personal drive, enabling them to perform at their best for their business and career.



Jacqui holds diplomas in Corporate & Executive Coaching and Personal Performance Coaching, and is accredited with the Association for Coaching.


Jacqui is a yoga student teacher and a lifelong sailor. She is married to Sean, a fellow sailing fanatic, and together they have cruised many thousands of miles (including two Atlantic crossings) on their yacht Kiskadee.

Jacqui Purdy: About Me
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