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Roger is an inspirational strategic coach with experience of deep listening and discernment. He loves to help people understand their secret strengths and see them released to achieve their true potential. 

As a former international banking COO and an entrepreneur co-founder of the 4000 strong global financial solutions firm, Capco he brings in depth knowledge of the joys and stresses of top level business leadership.  

He brings many years of spiritual research and development into his coaching practice, believing that universal spiritual practices can help unlock character transformation for leadership effectiveness. 



Roger’s wide range of leadership experience in the corporate and not-for-profit worlds helps him quickly understand the leadership context for his clients. With a combination of advanced psychometric analysis combined with a fascination for each person’s personal journey, he is able to build an understanding of an individual and their world.  

Through in depth exploration, he is able to help craft a vision for future development based on each person’s unique strengths. This is a dynamic process, because each individual leads in the context of the complex interactions within their teams. 



With degrees from Imperial College and Oxford University, Roger’s international consulting career was formed at Accenture, where he led strategic projects for financial services clients in Switzerland, Spain, Japan, USA and the UK. 

His banking operations and technology experience included product development, IT Director roles and COO roles at a number of financial services companies including Sumitomo Bank, Bank of America and NatWest/RBS. 

In recent years, he has been working in the not-for-profit sector as a Church of England priest, Archdeacon, Chair of St Rocco’s Hospice and a Director of a Multi Academy Schools Trust. 

He is currently Master of the Royal Foundation of St Katharine, one of the oldest charities in the world (est 1147) that runs a retreat centre in central London.  St Katharine’s is pioneering a new leadership programme called Soulful Leadership applying spiritual practices to practical leadership challenges. 



Roger founded the Capco Institute which oversaw all the professional training for Capco staff world-wide. As part of this he developed and rolled out an internal coaching programme. Following his studies at Oxford University, he developed his own coaching framework; ThinkingLife - towards a Balanced and Effective Life. He has been coaching senior executives for over twenty years and brings a wealth of practical experience to his practice. 

He is certified in a number of advanced Psychometric tools including Zenger Folkman Extraordinary Leader and Predictive Role Profiling for High Performing Teams (British Psychological Society Registered Tool). 


Roger loves cross country and road running. He has been a semi-professional singer in the past and enjoys encouraging young musicians in their careers. He has recently commissioned an outdoor stage at the Royal Foundation to encourage live performances. He is a member of the Saab owners club. 

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