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Andrew served 22 years as a Royal Navy Officer working in strategic, operational and tactical roles afloat and ashore. Since 2010 he has designed and orchestrated global leadership programmes for corporate clients.



Andrew is passionate about developing agile leaders and teams who build faster-moving adaptable organisations for today’s complex world. Using his own leadership experiences as strong reference points, he helps leaders to think differently and understand their own uniqueness. His purpose, values and beliefs are centred on unleashing the potential of leaders and leadership teams.


Andrew’s career as a Royal Navy Officer included working with teams in the Antarctic and Caribbean, leading a 26-nation observation team on the Iraq/Kuwait border prior to the second Gulf War and 3 years as Head of the Royal Navy Leadership Academy.


Since leaving the military in 2010, he has followed his passions for leadership, strategy and developing people. Andrew has led global programmes for clients such as: Cadbury Schweppes, Honda, Lloyds Bank, GDF/Suez, Rolls Royce, Arcelor Mittal, Balfour Beatty, PepsiCo, JP Morgan and Roche. He has published articles on leadership and collaborates with a wide variety of leadership organisations and thought leaders. Andrew is an Associate with Duke Corporate Education.


Andrew holds a CIPD PG Cert in Coaching from Heriot-Watt University and is qualified in a number of business and psychology based assessments.



Andrew has 4 children and lives in Southsea Hampshire. Keen on sport, he plays tennis, skis, and enjoys running and the great outdoors. A lifelong learner, he is interested in stoic philosophy, human physiology (Wim Hof method), and through learning to play bass guitar, supports a mental health charity involved in music therapy. His other passions are people, cooking, travel (over 100 countries) and collecting experiences.

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