Unlock is all about establishing a path towards success, based on the insight from the Triangulation data. The key to unlocking potential lies between the leader’s capability, the source of their energy and their organisational context.


The assessment process gives a clear view of the leader at their best. It identifies any potential fatal flaws and highlights the two or three things that will materially grow leadership capability.


Leaders are energised when they deploy their natural talents in service of what they seek to accomplish. The 10 highest ranked talents captured in the assessment process provide an effective guide to the source of the leader’s energy.



Starting with the organisation's strategy as it impacts the leader's area of accountability, we work with the organisation to identify the leadership context. As part of the process, we identify the four key competencies that are needed in role success. The strategy, together with insight from colleagues creates a clear view of the leader’s context and associated organisational needs.

Prioritising areas for development

When unlocking potential we focus on the areas that are most needed by the organisation. Peak performance occurs when the leader’s 90th percentile strengths positively align with those needs. An average score in an area that your organisation needs, constitutes a potential derailer. The first priority is to address these areas.

Leaders with 4 or 5 strengths at the 90th percentile deliver results in the top 10% of all businesses and the next priority is to grow existing strengths to the 90th percentile

Effective development plans

Having created the focus for development we help to create detailed development plans that factor in context, capability and energy.  Because the plans are built around existing capability (playing to strengths) and tap into natural sources of energy, leaders readily engage and take action to change behaviours immediately. The powerful methodology includes 400+ tried and tested practical suggestions that have been shown to impact leadership capability.

Enhancing organisational performance

The trends and patterns revealed by the aggregate data offer profound insight into the culture of the organisation and shed light on issues and opportunities in the business. As former business leaders, we analyse the relevant themes and work with you to take appropriate action based on the insights generated and our practical experience. Read more about how we do this.

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The Board were able to get valuable insights in evaluating the top leadership team ahead of considering CEO succession and our needs to support the ambitions of the business.” 

—  Annette Court, Chair, Admiral Group plc.

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