Coaching and mentoring is delivered in association with Merryck & Co. by Strengths Unleashed coaches and Merryck coaches and mentors. With the context created by the Triangulation process, we are perfectly placed to offer support to individual leaders. 


Strengths Unleashed coaching has a unique data driven approach, powered by the insight gained from Triangulation assessment ("Triangulation coaching"), to help leaders take the shortest route to success. In shifting the dial for themselves, leaders become more effective in developing their people using the same methodology. You can find their profiles here.

Merryck & Co. coaching and mentoring has a relational and model agnostic approach and is delivered by one of 60+ former CEOs around the world. You can find their profiles here.

Having created increased awareness (Assess, Unlock) we support leaders to build depth and breadth in their leadership capability and support organisational change to unleash extraordinary performance.



The Board were able to get valuable insights in evaluating the top leadership team ahead of considering CEO succession and our needs to support the ambitions of the business.” 

—  Annette Court, Chair, Admiral Group plc.

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