We are catalysts.

Realising potential. Accelerating talent development. Driving results. Unleashing strengths.

Our team are expert at finding the inflexion points and catalysing the shifts in mindset and behaviour that lead to exceptional results. 

Using the insights from our assessments and development plans, they home in on the areas where targeted personal growth has significant organisational impact. 
We help leaders to:

- Develop new awareness        - Champion change
- Build new skills                         - Execute effectively
- Enhance relationships            - Achieve higher levels of performance


“The outside view from Strengths Unleashed gives me another dimension. The opportunity to review and reflect allowed me to see things I had not spotted. I can now push and promote people to develop their future abilities."

Dmitry Samarin. CEO, RETN Ltd.


The Team

As experienced business leaders from a variety of sectors we share the same passion for helping our clients excel. With a wealth of experience in real-world leadership situations, our team brings science and wisdom to the task of meeting the particular challenges that leaders face today.

Coaching and mentoring is delivered in collaboration with Merryck & Co. by Strengths Unleashed coaches and Merryck coaches and mentors. With the context created by the Triangulation process, they are perfectly placed to offer support to individual leaders, cohorts and leadership teams. 

Strengths Unleashed coaching has a unique data driven approach, powered by the insight gained from Triangulation assessment ("Triangulation coaching"), to help leaders take the shortest route to success. You can find their profiles here.

Merryck & Co. coaching and mentoring has a relational and model agnostic approach and is delivered by one of 70+ former CEOs around the world who have each spent a decade or more running complex, global organisations. You can find their profiles here.

Together we support leaders and their teams to build depth and breadth in their leadership capability, supporting organisational change to unleash extraordinary performance.


Cascading the Impact

Whether a development plan calls for coaching or mentoring – or a blend of both – we work on the key strengths that will help leaders take the shortest route to success. And in shifting the dial for themselves, leaders also become more adept at developing the people around them. 

The strengths-based approach is infectious. You’ll want to share it.