Shifting the dial in a multinational petroleum products business.

The new CEO needed to drive a step change in performance and accelerate profitable growth by delivering a strategic shift from a focus on trading, to a customer led retail business model. To achieve this, she needed to understand the current capability and potential of the leaders she inherited. Merryck & Co. introduced Strengths Unleashed, as Triangulation was perfect for providing the necessary data and insight.


The business has been re-organised creating global centres of excellence, harnessing the existing leaders’ strengths and with an evidence-based plan for recruiting new talent to meet future needs. The organisation is on track to deliver sustainable and profitable growth. 



35 senior leaders were assessed using the triangulation approach. 
Individual debriefs confirmed the data gathered and each signed off to say that their reports were a true reflection of the data and debrief conversation. 
The results were shared with the CEO and Exec team as a key input to the transformation process.


We analysed the data to create powerful insight into the existing culture and role preferences of the leadership group.  
Having identified individual and collective strengths we worked with the CEO and CHRO to develop a strategy to utilise the strengths of the current leaders and help them to show up as their “best selves”.  
We created detailed plans that harnessed natural talents, built on existing strengths and addressed areas of weakness where the organisation needed the leaders to be strong. 
The plans were debriefed with the leaders, their managers and their HR business partners to ensure that the insights gained were put to practical use.


A Merryck & Co. mentor worked with the CEO, providing space for reflection and supporting her in the execution of the strategy. The top team journey was facilitated by Merryck mentors to deliver the required transition from a “silo-based” combative win/lose style of working, to a genuinely collaborative approach.  
Using the insight created into the culture and existing capability, new team members were recruited using the triangulation methodology to ensure that the candidates met the strategic needs of the business.

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