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Shifting the Dial in a Multinational Petroleum Products Business  


The incoming CEO joined the business at an inflexion point. Shifts in the market and transition from a founder led business created a need to refocus the business from being a petroleum trading company, to a customer-led retail business.

To make the necessary structural changes the new CEO needed to understand the quality and depth of its senior leadership bench from both an operational and succession perspective. In addition to calibrating the current capability of those identified as possible successors, there was a desire to understand the potential for growth of each individual, to facilitate their future development.   


Assessment Data Reveals Underlying Culture Challenges 

We assessed 35 of the organisation’s senior leaders using the Strengths Unleashed Triangulation approach. The resulting data and insights were verified through individual debrief conversations and each person signed off on their report before it was shared with the CEO and Exec team.

The outcomes of the leadership assessment process were: 

  • Deep understanding of the current capability and future potential of senior leaders 

  • Individuals who are clear on what they do when they are at their best 

  • A highly energised group focused on playing to strengths 

  • A clear plan to develop leadership capability rooted in the data analysis 

The aggregated results were analysed to create powerful insight into the existing culture and role preferences of the 35. Almost without exception the leadership was characterised by a future orientated entrepreneurial style. There was a notable absence of focus on the “now” in operations and troubleshooting. 

We worked with the CEO and CHRO to develop a strategy to utilise the strengths of the current leaders and help them to show up as their “best selves”. We created detailed plans that harnessed natural talents and addressed areas of weakness, where the organisation needed the leaders to be strong. 

The top team’s development journey was designed to deliver the required transition from a “silo-based” combative (win/lose) style of working, to a genuinely collaborative approach. 



The business has been re-organised, creating global centres of excellence and harnessing the existing leaders’ strengths. An evidence-based plan, founded on the Triangulation approach, has been put in place for recruiting new talent to meet future needs. The organisation is on track to deliver sustainable and profitable growth. 

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