An invaluable experience creating diversity in thinking and mind set, positive challenge and reflection, alternative perspective and a strong sounding board.  Above all, finding chemistry and trust with an amazing mentor passionate to create the right environment with open and frank conversation enables accelerated learning and development.

President EMEA, Distributor of industrial and electronics products


Pat has over 30 years’ experience creating and growing multi-national companies and is a Chair and a Non-Executive Director. She is a Mentor, Speaker, Futurist and an expert Business Strategist.



Pat is lively and thought-provoking on the future of business, globalisation, the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence and the impact for management teams. Pat works with chief executives and senior leaders, developing a deep understanding of their role, their company and their short-and long-term objectives, to help them achieve their aims.



Pat believes that leading companies in today’s environment is one of the most important and exciting, but also one of the most difficult and lonely challenges that people face. Following an early career in IBM and BT, Pat became part of the founding team of MFS International and went on to lead UUNET International, growing it to an annual turn-over of $1bn with large scale operations in Europe, Asia and Latin America. She has also participated in start-ups of technology companies and has board level experience in both large and small listed and private companies.



Pat has a diploma in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University and an MA in Environment, Politics and Globalisation from Kings College London. She writes widely for the media with recent articles in the Financial Times, legal and HR magazines.



Pat lives in Oxford with her husband Jeremy who restores antique clocks, and in addition to mentoring writes, researches and blogs on technology and the future of work. When not working she sings, skis, fishes but most of all spends time with family and friends.