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High Potential Development

Next-Gen Leadership


The company is enjoying rapid organic growth alongside geographical expansion through acquisition. Being able to maintain this trajectory is going to depend on the leadership capabilities they can develop for the future. 

The CEO and CHRO recognised the key to this lies in releasing potential a level below the executive committee, focusing on those high performers who could become the next generation of senior leaders. 


Three Steps to Success 

The first step in creating the high potential development programme was to understand the organisation’s existing leadership capability. 25 leaders were assessed over a three year period using the Strengths Unleashed Triangulation approach. Individual debriefs confirmed the data gathered. Before results are shared with the CEO and CHRO, each person signed off to say that their reports are a true reflection of the data and the debrief conversation. 

Having identified individual strengths, we worked with the CHRO to develop an approach to unlocking potential, tailored to each participant in the programme. We highlighted specific areas for development and focused on creating impact by meeting the needs of the business and increasing profitability. 

Based on our insight into potential, targeted mentoring and coaching was provided. As experienced business leaders the mentors and coaches have been instrumental in accelerating the learning and development of this leadership cohort of the future. 



Our structured approach has been underpinned throughout by the Triangulation assessments. These enabled us to work with the CHRO to design individual career development guides based on tangible evidence, using a common framework and language to describe and measure success. 

Graduates of the high potential programme have been successfully appointed to the executive committee and are actively contributing to the future success of the company.  

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