Leaders and their teams win when each person is focused on doing what they uniquely do, uniquely well. At Strengths Unleashed we are passionate about helping leaders and their organisations be the best that they can be. Focusing on leadership strengths, we do this by creating deep insight using leading edge analytical instruments rooted in research. Strengths Unleashed coaches and Merryck & Co. coaches and mentors act as catalysts in assessing, unlocking and unleashing potential, to deliver extraordinary business results.

Why this matters

Geopolitics, business, industries and jobs are changing rapidly. It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict the competencies needed to succeed even a few years out. As a result organisations need to become highly adept in unlocking leaders’ potential, to address new and evolving challenges. Businesses that know who they have as leaders and why they are good are best equipped to adapt to an unknown future.

Our approach

Leveraging 10+ years’ experience of working with Merryck & Co., Strengths Unleashed founder Andrew Dyckhoff saw an opportunity to complement his work as a mentor by developing a fresh way to assess senior leaders. Strengths Unleashed utilises this powerful and efficient way of assessing leaders’ capability in supporting them to be extraordinary:


Assess: a new way of assessing leaders triangulates three perspectives: talent, mindset and capability, to synthesise a clear view of performance, quantified as a percentile score against a global database.

Unlock: analysing the intersection between the leader’s capability, energy and leadership context, we identify and report on the key to unlocking potential. The insights revealed by the aggregate data are effective in enhancing organisational performance.

Unleash: using a powerful methodology rooted in science and research, we work with individuals and teams, to catalyse new levels of awareness, build competence and support the delivery of extraordinary performance.

To understand how we have helped businesses grow leadership succession and unlock potential view our case studies here.


The Board were able to get valuable insights in evaluating the top leadership team ahead of considering CEO succession and our needs to support the ambitions of the business.” 

—  Annette Court, Chair, Admiral Group plc.

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